A Statement on the Arrival of the Medical Colleges Laboratories Equipment

We are very glad to announce the arrival of laboratories equipment for the medical colleges Campus. With the immense efforts of the current university administration, who took over the responsibilities in October 2019, soon to realize the bitter reality of a deteriorating environment, a shortage of faculty members and a severe shortage of laboratory equipment, including the laboratories of the emerging medical colleges (medicine, pharmacy and dentistry).

Hence, since 2020, the university endeavors began, targeting many issues, especially the laboratories of the medical colleges campus. Hence, correspondences began to the Ministry of Finance, and collided with the reality of the emergence of the Covid19 pandemic, which disrupted the procedures of arrival and receipt of devices, through the companies that were contracted in January 2020. Finally, the equipment arrived within the past two days, consisting of examination and analysis devices, the mortuary museum, models, and diaphragms. Furthermore, equipment were installed, operated and checked, and the rest of the devices will arrive within the next few days.

We are very grateful that the efforts of the current university administration successes, and a special shout-out of praise for the earnest and tireless endeavors in solving all the obstacles that hinder the progress of university students in academic achievement.

Our sincere wishes for the students of the medical campus for success after the arrival of aids, equipment and laboratories.

Department of Public Relations and Media

15 June 2021